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For years, our NGO has been dedicated to assisting young women in their transition from the child welfare system into society. Sign up now to begin volunteering and make a meaningful impact.


Responsibilities include:
1. Answering calls and responding to voicemail messages on our NGO’s Support Hotline.

2. Assisting callers in locating relevant support services.

3. Completing call log entries, documenting stories, and recording demographic information shared by each caller.

To volunteer as a hotline advocate, you’ll need to complete a one-hour training session. The training is conducted live via video conference and covers setting up your phone to receive calls, an introduction to the resources you’ll use to assist callers, and an overview of effective communication and support strategies.

Email to express your interest.


If you’re able and willing to provide assistance in person, there are numerous opportunities to do so. Some typical areas of interest include:

1. Volunteering at support centers to provide assistance or organize activities.

2. Using your vehicle to transport essentials to those who may have difficulty accessing support centers.

3. Supporting and maintaining local community spaces that facilitate the transition process.

Begin by clicking here to locate the support center nearest you!